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Our Science Fair Projects

Hello, and welcome to our science fair pages. We are two girls from Colorado who have been doing the science fair since -- about forever (kindergarten). We know how difficult it is to choose and research a good science fair project. So we want to help you! Here we present detailed information on five projects that we have done together, two of which were selected to go to the district science fair. We would get tired of doing something similar every year, so there is a lot of diversity among our projects. Each page summarizes one of our projects, and there is a link to our final report which you can download and read. Please do not simply copy our reports and hand them in as your own -- that's plagiarism, and you are on your honor not to do that. But we know how hard it is sometimes to find good background info for a project, so we have decided to make our reports available to other students who can use them for researching similar projects. If you want to cite our reports in your bibliography, use 'Clos, A. and M.' as the authors.

Each of the links below will take you to one of our experiments. If you have questions about how we did something, there is also a link to our mom's email on each page.

Have fun!

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