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This project was done as a class assignment, and not for a science fair, but we decided to include it with our science fair projects anyway. We had to build a car that was powered by a mousetrap. You could pick either to do a distance car, which went slowly but travelled a long way before stopping, or a speed car, which went fast but not as far. We chose to do a speed car.

There is a lot of information on the internet about how to do a mousetrap car, but most of it just gives you hints and does not go step-by-step into the design process. If you do a mousetrap car, you will undoubtedly find that your initial design falls short of your goal, and needs to be revised. Our report goes into both the how and why of our initial design, and all the revisions we had to make to get an A on our project. We hope you will find it helpful even if you use a quite different design for your mousetrap car.

We decided to put up a web page about our project so that maybe someone else will do a similar project or get some ideas from what we did. If you want to know all about the project, you'll want to download a copy of our report. It is a 236KB PDF file, so you can read it on any type of computer. You will need Acrobat Reader to read it (get it here if you don't already have it). Then click this link to download our report.

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